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Charlotte Brontë's classic - as an amateur audiobook

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Subtitle: Charlotte Brontë's classic - as an amateur audiobook
Summary: Jane Eyre grew up an orphan, living with a stern aunt who couldn't wait to pass her off to a boarding school for poor girls. Six years she spent as a pupil at Lowood Institution and two as a teacher, before she decided to go her own way in life, and applied for the position of governess. At Thornfield Hall, she meets the brooding Mr. Rochester, and starts to fall in love - but what secrets is he hiding?
Author: Traxy; Category: Arts & Entertainment; Explicit: No

Track Listing

The Squeee / Chapter 010:11:51128kbps4410010.89 MB
In the first episode, Jane is at Gateshead and has a fight with her cousin John.

The Squeee / Chapter 020:16:58128kbps4410015.56 MB
Jane gets dragged away to the dreaded Red Room.


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